Website Design West Midlands

Finding a specialist for website design West Midlands can be a bit of a minefield. Using more traditional methods by searching in Yellow Pages does not really help because you still have nearly 500 companies to choose from, the first being themselves. It raises the issue about what you really need in a website and what can any of these designers do for you.

Perhaps the first thing you need to do is to define the purpose of your website, what you want to achieve and maybe even how you want it to behave. This is vital information because you don’t want to end up with a designer that just churns out WordPress blogs with little or no consideration for functionality, speed or optimisation. Any good designer will talk to you about your needs first and then analyse and suggest choices for you.

Website Design West Midlands

As the West Midlands covers a vast area centred around Birmingham, you are blessed with a choice of website designers but where you begin depends on what you want. Let’s suggest that location is a good starting point if you want to be able to visit and meet regularly with your designer or because it’s simple and likely that he/she has other customers nearby.

Be armed with your list of wants and needs and remain as open-minded as possible. Do not be bullied into making an instant decision – this is a first meeting and pricing should not be your main choosing criteria. Make notes and listen well but if you do not understand something, ensure it is made clear to you including any implications it involves. For instance, you may want to sell your products online but you have never heard of the term ëe-commerceí before. It is likely that the designer will suggest this type of website, but make sure he explains it fully to you.

This first encounter with a website designer is important and helps you to get a greater understanding of what you want, but do not feel obliged to just jump in and accept the first proposal offered to you. Continue your research for another day or two and extend your range of companies to encompass the whole of the website design West Midlands – you may still go back to your local company, but shopping around can help you see what is available in an area that is easy for you to get to.

Your methods of easy research are local directories eg yellow pages, Business Link and, of course, online. Starting with online is the easiest choice but limit your browsing to a UK based search engine or you will get loads of results for the US and beyond. Make the search fairly broad to start with such as Website Design West Midlands and take a look at a number of sites that appeal to you.

What you are looking for are companies that offer website design and other related services such as Search Engine Optimisation, a variety of platforms like Content Management Systems (CMS) and e-commerce. More importantly, you should be able to see a portfolio of the websites the company has already completed. Look for designs that appeal to you and if a particular site within the portfolio attracts you, give that company a call and try to find out a bit moreabout dealing with the design company.

Website Design West Midlands – what you need to know

Try the same tactic with a few more companies – you will find out that your understanding of what you want and what is available is growing every time you talk to someone. This is very important to you even if you end up choosing the first company you ever talked to. You start to think about speed of loading and do you really need a flashy introduction that adds little or nothing to your site; you think about functionality of adding extra pages or editing those you already have; you also think about how you are going to get a theme with special offers in time for Christmas and whether that is going to cost you a lot extra and more.

Your website is important to you and your company so donít restrict yourself to the Website Designer just around the corner at least spread your wings a bit and go for website design West Midlands.

Website Design West Midlands