Web Design Midlands – What You Should Consider

Web Design is a continuously adapting and evolving industry. There are so many unique aspects of web design Midlands that can be used on their own or be combined with each other in order to achieve maximum website performance. Different platforms and elements of web design offer different benefits and effects. Itís important for every website developer worth their salt to know and understand a good few of these platforms.

HTML is the most basic form of webs design and often the first learnt technique. HTML is good for building static pages and putting simple designs together that involve little user activity. HTML may be basic, but you need it for a website to operate as HTML more often than not acts as the foundations to a website, holding different elements together.

Web Design Midlands

For example, you can have a HTML designed website that contains PHP coding, JavaScript, CSS, ASP and more. A disadvantage of building your website on HTML is that once it gets so large it may become difficult to manage effectively. This is where a Content Management System (or CMS) comes in. With a CMS, you can effectively manage your website through an integrated Graphical User Interface (or GUI) that provides simple ways to make changes to your site.

The most popular and perhaps most efficient CMS out there today is most probably WordPress. This is because of how simple and easy it is to add pages, edit pages, change settings, install plugins, find theme, create users, change users rights and so much more. WordPress has a lot of additional add ons and plugins that all do different webpage actions. You can get plugins for contact forms, sidebars, rollovers, title and meta tag control and well basically anything else you can imagine. When searching for Web Design Midlands, it might be worth your effort to contact us.

web design midlands