We believe in the power of testing.  Now don’t think this is some type of cult or form of mind control. What this means is a commitment to websites that work and do so effectively.

If you’re serious about online profits (which of course you are) then you will have to carry out what are known as ‘split tests’ on your website.

This sounds painful doesn’t it but it is the best way of finding what works best on a web page. Does one type of colour work better than another or do your visitors find a particular sentence easier to understand?

The answer is to test a couple of options so that you know exactly what works and will mean more money for you. Music to your ears!

The split test – testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

A split test is where two groups of visitors are shown different versions of a webpage.  For example, one group will see a page with the current layout and text in place whereas another group will see a different page.

The idea is to see which of the two pages brings in more conversions. Simply put, the page with the most conversions is the winner and gets to stay on your website.

Still unsure? Check out the video below:



Multivariate testing

We are talking major league now. If you want to get really serious then consider multivariate testing. This is for those people who don’t want to wait for ages to find out which page is the ‘conversion winner’.  Or have to wait until one test has finished before starting to another.

A multivariate test enables you to carry out several tests on several pages at the same time. For example, you can test three calls to action as well as three different buttons.

It’s all clever stuff.

No guesswork just a scientific, measured approach.  Bring the creature to the laboratory Igor….