Your website needs to attract visitors and once they are there, has to persuade them to do something. If they do then we count this as a conversion.

The more conversions you get the more successful your business. We like to call it a ‘win-win situation.’

So what do we mean by landing pages? Simply put, it is the pages which your visitors arrive at (or land on) on the back of specific marketing activities.

Landing pages are designed with one thing in mind – get people to take MASSIVE action.

What does a landing page do?

We design landing pages that work. Maybe asking for a quote, signing up for a newsletter or requesting a call back.

We use direct sales copy, well researched layout design and a bit of black magic; all with the aim of increasing the number of website visitors that turn into leads for your business.

Targeted landing pages should form an important part of all marketing activates. Forget sending visitors to your homepage. Send them to a specific page with targeted information and encourage them to make a decision.

Combine this with our solid testing and measuring phase and you’re guaranteed a page that will deliver the goods.

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