More leads in a day keep your competitors at bay!

Quite catchy isn’t it but the bottom line is that’s what you want from your website and online campaigns. Their raison d’etre (or French for reason for existence) is to attract visitors with the aim of converting them into customers. And customers are the reason why we are all here.

Step 1 – Conversion busting landing page design

Landing pages are designed with one thing in mind – get people to take MASSIVE action.

The more conversions you get the more successful your business. We like to call it a ‘win-win situation.’

So what do we mean by landing pages? Simply put, it is the pages which your visitors arrive at (or land on) on the back of specific marketing activities.

What does a landing page do?

We design landing pages that work. Maybe asking for a quote, signing up for a newsletter or requesting a call back.

We use direct sales copy, well researched layout design and a bit of black magic; all with the aim of increasing the number of website visitors that turn into leads for your business.

Targeted landing pages should form an important part of all marketing activates. Forget sending visitors to your homepage. Send them to a specific page with targeted information and encourage them to make a decision.

Combine this with our solid testing and measuring phase and you’re guaranteed a page that will deliver the goods.

Step 2 -Traffic Generation

This is what websites are designed for. You can have the most professional looking website in the world but if you don’t get traffic then it ain’t worth a hill of beans.

So how do you get more visitors to your website?

Strategic, focused marketing

You get benefits driven content with strong calls to action that will get visitors to your site and keep them there long enough to make a decision. After all, there is no point having 3,000 visitors to your website if they leave without taking any action. But you must show them the way so that they leave information for you to follow up on.

We offer a complete online marketing plan which will steer web traffic (visitors) to your site. This includes pay per click (PPC), sales copy with a clear call to action and a set of measures or analytics which monitors the number of visitors to your website.

Impressed? You will be when you look at our testing, targeting and measuring strategy which ensures that you get the highest number of conversions possible.

“Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep that web traffic flowing and my conversions growing” (you know the rest).

Step 3 – Conversion Optimization

We believe in the power of testing.  Now don’t think this is some type of cult or form of mind control. It is a commitment to websites that work and do so effectively.

If you’re serious about online profits (which of course you are) then you testing your website and landing pages is essential.

It sounds painful doesn’t it but it is the best way of finding what works best on a web page. Does one type of colour work better than another or do your visitors find a particular sentence easier to understand?

The answer is to test a couple of options so that you know exactly what works and will mean more money for you. Music to your ears!

We offer full service testing strategies to ensure that you get the best bang for your adverting buck.