Why Landing Pages are the #1 EASIEST Way Get More Leads Online

My friend Ben has one of those incredible apartments, the type where you walk in and you’re immediately faced with the dilemma of positioning yourself in a way where you can watch all three of his jumbo flat-screens at once. (Unlike my house, where upon entering your biggest problem will be not laughing at the approximately four square feet of space.) I was at Ben’s place the other day, having found the perfect position for tri-tele-viewing, when he asked if I wanted a can of Coke.

“Sure”, I replied, and he directed me toward the fridge. I yanked open the oversized door and realized that, to my dismay, Ben’s giant fridge also contained a giant jumble of food. And while a first glance yielded fruit, meatloaf, and an impressive array of cheeses, can of Coke was nowhere in sight. I feebly threaded my hand past some milk, brushing aside what might have once been Chinese food.

“Try the back left!” Ben called encouragingly, not realizing that the back left of his fridge had a surface area similar in size to my house. I made a final blind grab, coming up with a bottle of ketchup. Discouraged, I decided that this can of Coke wasn’t worth the trouble. Now, here’s what you may want to be asking yourself: do potential customers see your website like Ben’s fridge?

While I assume your website smells better, your site might be just as confusing and difficult to navigate. Are customers left to fend for themselves while they wander your site looking for a product or deal you offered? Internet shoppers (and can of Coke-getters) are notorious for having tiny attention spans, and a confusing or even just large website might have potential clients getting lost and not becoming paying customers. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: landing pages.

Landing pages are a surprisingly simple concept with huge benefits, much like organizing your fridge or remembering to call your girlfriend on her birthday. Essentially, landing pages are straightforward, easy-to-read webpages that offer customers quick access to a specific buy or call to action. Ideally, you’ll want to set up a specific landing page for each marketing campaign or target audience – there’s nothing more frustrating to a consumer than stumbling through a complex website after clicking an ad.  Instead of ripping out their hair, here’s how to make a landing page that will give those new clients a pain-free experience signing up for your offer (unless, of course, you run an online body-waxing company and hair removal is actually your goal):

Make sure your ads lead directly to a landing page. As much as you might want to give customers the grand tour of your site, you’re likely to lose them if finding the page that has what you advertised is several clicks away. By linking directly to your landing page, you give your viewers no chance of escape, no chance to run as they’re slowly sucked into the subliminal depths of – ahem. You get the point.

Keep your landing pages simple yet vibrant. Much like making a first impression on a date, overloading your customers with navigation links and technical jargon can really distract from what you’re actually offering. Just like it’s probably not a good dating technique to immediately discuss your shrunken head collection, lots of extra information can sidetrack a potential buyer. On the other hand, you’re trying to grab the viewer’s attention – excluding the small ninja dating pool, wearing all black is unlikely to impress your date. Landing pages work on the same principle: go for big, energetic pictures and bold color schemes.

Include a way to reel in some contact information. I  call these a “Lead Magent”, this is one of those easy-to-fill-in forms that would at least include a name and an email address. Whether you’re actually selling a product through your landing page or offering some free stuff (eBooks, vouchers, free cake), the point is to get a customer’s contact information so you can get in touch with them again later.

Long story short, landing pages can buy you happiness. Well, not exactly. But they’re a great way to give customers a simple, efficient way to follow an ad and to compile some contact information. And while the concept of a landing page might not work so well with respect to fridge organization (I’ve since started bringing my own Can of Cokes to Ben’s place), your customers will thank you for the convenience and you’ll thank them for their money.

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