What you must do IMMEDIATELY (I mean today), for better returns on your pay per click

PPC advertising. Yeah, we’ve all heard of it – Paid per click advertising. You get an account, bid on your favorite keywords, and then forget about it. Right?

Well, I guess that’s one way to go about it, much like watching the “healthy lifestyles” channel will make you lose weight!!

Doing it right takes a bit more than that, though, and to make your PPC campaigns really succeed you’re going to need to step up your game. Of course, just like getting in shape, there are countless little “tips and tricks” that people will claim must be followed to a T in order to see positive results. Don’t listen to them. Instead, broaden your brush a bit and just follow these three basic guidelines that will have your PPC campaign running marathons in no time.

Use geographical targeting. Look, I know the internet “reaches the whole world”. Yes, it’s exciting stuff. However, if you’re advertising a website that sells snow shovels, it’s unlikely people in South Africa are going to make up a large part of your clientele. Despite that fact being so obvious that it’s like being hit over the head with, well, a shovel, you’d be surprised at the amount of people that think they’re helping themselves out by using PPC advertising that’s aimed at the entire globe, or even the entire country. Get specific! Think who your customers are, or more importantly, where they’re located, and focus your PPC campaigns in that area so you can slice off the extra “fat” of your ads and save yourself some money.

Don’t make your keywords too broad. Being number one is cool, whether you’re the number one salesperson at your firm or the number one player on your local ping pong team (I don’t like to brag, but yes.) Being the number one bidder for your PPC keyword is great, but not if you’re in a bidding war with ten other competitors that are forcing you to pay £5 per click. Instead, take your macho-man ideals down a notch and get smart instead – determine what’s specific about your company and bid on those keywords instead. The more specific, the less competition and the lower the bidding prices, meaning you can buy advertising for many more keywords for the price of one “broad” keyword.

Track your campaigns. Just like I wouldn’t recommend flying a plane without any instruments, running a PPC campaign without gathering data on it is likely to end up in a fiery crash or at the very least some very nauseous passengers. It can be hard enough to figure out what’s working and what’s tanking when you are tracking results, so just going it blind and hoping you pressed all the right buttons isn’t a great strategy unless you tend to be very lucky. I’m talking dodging bullets, making trains, hole-in-one-every-time lucky. So if your golf game hasn’t been off-the-charts lately I’d start paying attention to the data.

Okay, you’ve got me – there’s more to ultimate PPC success. But if you keep those three tips in mind you’ll be ahead of 95% of the competition. Actually, that’s 95% of your competition. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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