What is landing page optimization?

You may be asking yourself this question and you are not alone. Small business owners around the world are looking for ways to enhance search engine marketing and return on investment – improving your landing page can do just that.

Still curious as to what is landing page optimization?

OK. Lets break it down in easy to understand terms. When a potential customer clicks on an web banner or search engine result, it takes them to a webpage. This webpage is called the landing page. The optimization part is the act of making more people do what YOU want when they hit that page. See, told you it was easy to understand! So lets carry on and relate it to an example.

Let’s say that as a business owner you get 100 people to “land” on one of your pages and 1% of those BUY or pick up the phone. Cracking, you made one sale out of a hundred, good start. But then lets say we change things around a bit on the page that they land on. Maybe a new headline, different images, some testimonials and with the new re-design 5% buy… Holy Cow! That now means 5 people have brought, and you have increased your sales by FIVE times just by taking the time to switch a few things around. Now take note, your makerting / advertising costs have stayed the same but you are getting 4 more sales in every 100 with NO extra visitors – good eh! Imagine if you tweaked your page a bit more and got 10% or 20% of people to covert or buy. With no extra marketing costs your rapidly increasing sales and lead generation.

So in a nutshell, landing page optimisation is the testing and tweaking of your website pages to make sure you get more sales – simple!

So what can you do to optimize your landing pages?

There are several ways you can improve your landing page without paying a small fortune or reworking your entire website. First of all, consider what your potential client is looking for or what your target audience is wanting. Once you have this information, you can use it to customize your landing page to those specific needs. This will allow the potential customer to find what they were originally looking for on the landing page. If the customer has found the information on your landing page, it is less likely they will hit the back button and move on to your competitor’s website. In addition, when optimizing your landing page refrain from overly obvious sales pitches. Most customers find these annoying and will simply look elsewhere (such as your competitors) to spend their hard earned cash.

Since you now know what is landing page optimization you are probably asking yourself where you should use it?

Our advice is use landing page optimization whenever you can control where the potential client is coming from. For example, always use landing pages on page linked to from your banners, ads, sponsored links, pay per clicks, registration and sales. Furthermore, do not forget to optimize the landing page linked to from any offline campaigns that you might be running. Using urls on ads such as www.examplecompany.com/TV on a tv campaign is a great way to get potential customers to a specific page that you can highly optimize for conversion or lead generation. In a perfect world each of your marketing channels or campaigns should have it’s own landing page, to make sure that visitors are getting the exact information they want as soon as they hit your site.

As an example let’s take a clothes shop targeting the following PPC keywords: Search term “T-shirts” – Should land on a generic T-shirt page Search term “Mens T-shirt” – Should land in the mens t-shirt section Search term “Mens Blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt” – Should land on the specific product page.

Since you now have a little more knowledge on what is landing page optimization, take this information and compare it to your business’s website. Are your landing pages designed with the needs of your costumers in mind? If not, than you are missing out on potential sales and earnings.


What is landing page optimization

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