4 Simple Website Conversion Optimization Tips

Website Conversion Optimization is the process increasing the amount of site visitors that complete a desired action. This action can be submitting a contact form or reservation request, joining a mailing list, even making a purchase. Here are four easy steps to help:

Multiple Payment Options

Customers want multiple payment options. PayPal is an excellent third-party payment processor. Payments are processed quickly, multiple types of credit cards can be accepted and they are very safe and secure. PayPal merchant services should be utilized to the fullest:

  • Add the business merchant credit card logos to the website.

  • Integrate PayPal into the website’s shopping cart.

  • Provide a link to a content page that explains how PayPal works.

PayPal Alternatives

For even better conversion optimization, it would be even wiser to accept more than just PayPal payments. Many online shoppers just do not like PayPal. Here are some other options:

Customer Service Access

There will always be shoppers that prefer not to enter their credit card information online. They would rather call and place their order with a customer service agent.

  • Having a valid number to call creates customer trust.

  • Online shoppers feel more secure when they know they can call someone about their order.

  • They may even just want to ask a simple question before they buy.

A good process should include providing a valid number for online visitors to call. Here are some options for small business owners without full-time staffs:

  • Provide toll-free number, if possible.

  • Set-up voicemail service and respond daily.

  • Hire a virtual assistant.

Make It Secure

Making a site secure and making it known that it is secure is of major importantance when it comes to converting visitors. Online shoppers want to know that their sensitive information, including credit card information, is safe if they enter it on a site. If a customer does not believe in the safety of a site, that customer will be lost. They will not place their order on a potentially unsafe website. Here are steps that can help avoid losing these customers:

  • Get certified by an SSL Certification Provider. They protect sites from hackers, malware, and other viruses and threats. Here are three trusted providers:

  • Place the logo of the SSL Certificate Provider on the site. Place them in the following areas:

  • checkout area

  • online store pages

  • FAQ’s page

  • About Us page

Market Special Discounts

A good conversion optimization stratergy will include special discounts for new and returning customers. A new customer may be offered a percentage off their first online order. Whereas a returning customer may be offered a dollar amount off for referring another new customer to the website, once they actually place an order. Here are some other great ideas:

  • Offer discounts for those who sign-up for newsletters.

  • Promote the offers on the landing page and other pages. Make it highly visible.

  • Include offer information in the meta tags. This makes it visible in search engine results.

  • Make it easy for the online shopper to get the discount.

Website Conversion Optimization is an ongoing process. It is important to continue to watch site statistics to know what processes are providing maximum optimization. If a change does not seem to be turning site visitors into online customers, it needs to be changed again. Because online trends change constantly, conversion optimization progress must be monitored regularly. Changes need to be made accordingly. Following the steps above will have a major impact on the way visitors interact and feel about a site. This will help to turn website visitors into online customers.

Website Conversion Optimization

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