The secret of turning clicks to customers – multivariate testing

Multivariate Testing is a strong and effective way for increasing the conversion rate for your website.

Why your companies conversion rate is key

The conversion rate refers to the percentage of your site visitors that reach the particular goal that your business sets. Usually this means clicking all the way through to becoming a  paying customer or completing a sign up form. Improving your conversion rate will allow you to capture much of the revenue that’s currently escaping your website. Now, this is not the same thing as increasing the number of views a particular page gets. Rather, it is an improvement on the actions being taken by your current visitors. As the number of site visitors that become customers (conversion rate) improves, the costs associated with acquiring the initial site visit will automatically decrease as well.

Multivariate Testing and Internet Marketing

The key to multivariate testing is the ability to test multiple elements of a web page at once. Below we’ve mapped out how we multivariate tested our quote page. We tested multiple versions of each element, one would be randomly chosen each time someone visited the page, so we could test and measure the optimum combination of elements for our visitors.


Improving Sales

Lets just say it. All of this talk about improving conversion rates and running scenarios means nothing unless it improve sales revenue. As Cuba Gooding Jr. so eloquently stated to Tom Cruise in the film the Jerry McGuire, “Show me the money!” Multivariate testing seeks to constantly improve the amount of visitors that convert to being customers and thereby increasing the number of sales. As long as increase sales is the goal that you’ve outline for your business, conversion rate improvements will help your company reach it’s goal. Besides having an improvement in the number of sales made, it is also very likely that the amount of total amount of sales revenue will increase as well.

Other important benefits 

There are two benefits to Multivariate testing that are not to be overlooked:

1) Improved site content is one of the more notable effects of running word testing scenarios. The likelihood that visitors will find worthwhile information on each visit improves when content is constantly being updated.

2) Constant feed back about user preferences without using a cheesy sales pitch. Testing doesn’t interfere with the user experience at all. Consumers can go on using the site as usual and still provide you with useful information.


Multivariate testing systems are highly useful in internet marketing. Testing software allows your company to constantly monitor and test more than one component of your website at a time. This is what makes it possible for companies to find out which content variation is most effective. That’s really important when you consider the fact that all of this improved conversion will necessarily improve your companies sales results. Not all variations produce the same conversion rate increase. However, by interpreting test data you will learn which elements consistently produce the best results for your company.



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