5 creative and ingenius ways to use QR codes


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Charlie Hutton: Hey, everybody. It’s Charlie here again from Hutchinson Web Design. Today we are going to have a look at QR codes and more importantly five ingenious ways that you can use QR codes within your business, within your marketing to drive more traffic to your website and into your offers, promotions and special offers that you might be advertising on any given time.

For those of you that aren’t too sure what a QR code is, this is one that looks like it. Basically these types of codes can be added to all sorts of print marketing, online adverts or whatever you want really. People with a majority of smartphones now can scan these QR codes in to sign up and register for events, promotions. More importantly, you can use it so when people scan these codes in, they can be taken direct to a sales page or an offer page within your website so you can hopefully turn people into these prospect sales or whatever it might be.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and have a look at the first thing or our first top tip of ingenious ways that we can put these things together. The first one. How about adding one onto some promotional t-shirts? If you got people out and about in shopping centers selling your products or whatever it might be, much of a great idea is to have some of these QR codes on the t-shirts sort of as a handed-out promotion to get special offers or whatever it might be.

Customers could scan that with their mobile phone. From there, they can be taken to your website which will probably have some sort of lead capture form so that they can sign up and register. Then you can email market them or follow them up with sales calls or whatever it might be so that you can basically hopefully get more sales or market more information to potential prospects. It’s a fantastic use. People love it. They can see these codes and scan them on people as they’re walking around and you will be amazed that people that aren’t even interested in the offer that your people are handing out or whatever it might be still want to go up and scan these codes. They want to see what happens. This is a great way to build a list and a great way to get some more marketing information out of people.

Number two, stickers. These can be anything you can be handing out at trade shows or promotions. Round stickers, square stickers, whatever it might be but you can have your logo on them. But why not as well as your logo, stick a QR code on this one? So that you’re handing out bits and pieces of QR codes with a lot of promotional stickers and whatever. It’s great. You can target them to again your webpage where you might have a special offer or promotion so you can get people to sign up or register their interest for whatever you’re doing online at the moment. Again, a fantastic way

Even things like business cards, if you’re handing out business cards, if you’re a serial networker at networking events, you want to have your QR code on your business card as well. People can start scanning and you can start driving them through to specific landing pages or marketing activities that you might be doing at any given time or any given moment. So that’s the number two.

How about if we actually put them on products themselves? So for example, you might be doing books, physical hardbound books or if you’re into internet marketing, you might be doing ebooks or PDF downloads or PDF reports. Again, another great thing to have at the bottom of the report. Maybe you could have them in your footer so those people reading through or scrolling through whatever you’re talking about or you’re discussing, you can perhaps point them to a QR code to look in, straight back through to your website.

You could see a pattern emerging here. So a specific landing page about what you’re talking about where they can enter their details, perhaps sign them up for more information or whether at that stage they can maybe purchase if that’s where they are in the process; but again, fantastic way to get people through to your website and of course with the fantastic things of tracking everything on line. You can of course manage and track where you get the most response on your QR codes, what marketing and advertising is working well for your customers and for your business.

How about this for an interesting one? How about temporary tattoos? Another interesting one that I don’t think comes up regularly. Maybe for your promotioanl people out and about. I’m not vey good at drawing arms so bear with me. This could be an arm of three fingers. That’s what we call it. QR codes on tattoos. If people are at the beach sunning it up or whatever it might be, what a great way to get people interested in what you do. This could perhaps tie in with people that are wearing t-shirts as well. People can come up, scan the codes and send them through to your website’s special offer, promotion or whatever it might be.

The great thing that’s probably worth noting here with QR codes because they’re being scanned on mobile devices, any of the landing pages that you’re sending people to, you know that you want them to be mobile-compatible. Let’s say a likely normal 320 and that pixel is wide, very scrollable and you have this sort of menu navigation model instead of a complex page because you just don’t want people having to pinch and scroll or whatever they do on the iPhones or BlackBerrys. You want to make it very clear and very easy so that people will get hold of your offer and then you can redirect them to your main webpages at like a later stage.

The first one or the last one really is we’re going to talk about big billboards and industrial signs. The great thing with QR codes is it doesn’t matter what distance you are from them. They can be picked up from anywhere. If you’ve got a big promotion, let’s say you’re a car manufacturer or a car reseller, you can put your QR codes on billboards. People walking by, whatever it might be can see these codes. They can scan it from a distance and obviously again you can start redirecting them, you guessed it, to your website, to your promotion, to a special offer.

Get them to sign up for something maybe. We see a little pattern that’s emerging here again. It’s a great technique. People who like seeing these things, they will scan them for no particular reason, just because at the moment it’s a novelty. So it’s a great way to get people that are in your area or locally to scan information or attract them through to your website. Then you can promote to them some sort of special offer or download or whatever it might be but again, you are engaging people. You are engaging your customers and you’re building those relationships with people via a very simple, easy-to-use message.

That’s it. Hopefully that has given you a couple of great ideas on how to market your QR codes. They don’t have to be black and white. You can get all sorts of funky QR code generators online now which produces in all sorts of colors. You might want to brand them if you want to, perhaps your company brand and company colors just to give it a bit more personality. Of course as the black and white QR codes become a bit more well-known, having a different color will help you stand out from everyone else.

That’s it. That’s Charlie again from Hutchinson Web Design. Thanks for listening everyone and we’ll be back soon.



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