Landing Page Testing – Your Missing Link to More Leads

If you have an e-commerce website or even just a simple website for a brick-and-mortar business, you should take some time off to watch a few movies. I mean it; you work hard so sometimes it can be good for the soul to take a night off and just relax. Oh, and take notes on why you like specific actors so that you can apply those qualities to your landing pages.

Landing Page Testing 

The Pierce Brosnan Strategy

Does your landing page look the part? Before you get to the meat and potatoes of keyword density, design strategy and optimization bets practices, your landing page has to appear worthy of the customer’s business.

It may sound superficial but, the fact is, the average bounce rate for websites is over 50 percent. That means over half of the people that see your website pages are going to take a glance and, almost immediately, “bounce” to another site. The overall look of your site has to be impressive enough to get users to stick around to see your content.

The Helen Mirren” Strategy
Now we get to the actual process of landing page testing. There are many tried-and-true strategies that all webmasters know will work. Without these proven methods you will not be able to get your foot in the door.

The great news for business owners is that Google has a profound grasp of these practices and is more than happy to share their expertise with you. The rundown of strategies reads something like Mirren’s perfectly-honed talent and timing.

  • Headlines – The headlines you use have to be attractive, either emotionally or practically. Short headlines are okay at times but, for the most part, longer headlines are more effective because they are your chance to pull the viewer in before they leave the page.
  • Body – You have to reinforce and backup the promises and material that you stated in your headlines. This may seem obvious but you must understand that web users are extremely cautious of spam sites and spam webmasters are equally clever at designing tricky pages. This means your body has to convince the user that you are not only legitimate but trustworthy and a great source of reliable information.
  • Call to Action – And once you have their dedicated attention, follow through with the perfect look and delivery. Make it easy for the viewer to act how you would like them. What I mean is, the fewer the number of clicks required to make a purchase or register for mailouts, the better.

Google, like a great movie director, has a great landing page testing tool for trying these strategies on your pages.

The Ricky Gervais Strategy
Beyond the standard tools, it is sometimes a good idea to go outside the box. The key here is to listen to your users; don’t just decide on your own that the idea is great and stick with it through thick and thin. Make it easy for them to provide feedback, make the desired improvements where necessary and then take more feedback.

If there are two ideas your considering, put them both up and let the users tell you, through clicks or votes or money, which they like better. Then listen to what they say and implement it. What it comes down to is being open-minded and creative to come up with something effective and entertaining.

Of course, this is just a short overview of some landing page testing strategies. What you should take from it is that you must test your page and be open to making changes. Don’t be afraid to be original but only within the context of what web users will appreciate.

Landing Page Testing

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