Stupid simple tips for your landing pages

Everyone hates third dates. It’s fact, yes, look it up if you don’t believe me.

You see, first dates are neutral – some go well, some don’t, but overall you run about a fifty-fifty chance of enjoying yourself. And obviously second dates are always guaranteed since they’re coming off the momentum of a stellar first outing – you can’t have a second date without hitting it off on the first!

Third dates, the scourge of the world of budding relationships. It’s pretty simple – third dates are when the “let’s get to know each other better” questions start flying, and it’s hard to look at your prospective future spouse once you find out they have a used celebrity tissues collection.

This being said, most people tend to cringe when people say, “There are a few things you don’t know about me.”  Now, I understand this may be a lot to ask, but see if you can manage not to hyperventilate when I tell you that “There are a few things you didn’t know about successful landing pages.”

Colors matter. Despite the majority of the population’s inability to match their pants with their shirt (myself included), there are few things that set the tone of landing page more than color. Take green, for instance. As you might expect, people automatically associate this with eco-friendliness and money – use this color wisely.

Blue’s always a sure bet since it instills a sense of security – ever wonder why policemen wear blue? (Also because donut stains show up less on blue fabric.) A color like orange demands attention; think about using this for a call to action.

Above all, however, make sure your page has a general color scheme that fits well with the page itself – too many colors and you’ll end up looking like more than just customers have been landing on your page.

Make every effort to prove your trustworthiness. I mean, don’t get me wrong here – I trust you. But as much as I have faith in your dependability, not all of your customers will, especially when they’re deciding whether or not to follow your call to action. There’s a simple solution, though – just show how trustable you really are! Using secure services like VeriSign and Better Business Bureau to add a stamp of approval to your website says you not only care about being dependable, but you care enough to spend money on your customers proving it. Now that’s dedication!

Spelling and Grammar still count. You might think thats one litle typo isn’t going to hurt anyon, but if so you’ve clearly never seeen a typo wielding a basebal bat. No, of course I’m joking. They’re actually very gentel creatures. But that said, having a typo or grammar error the middle of your landing page will be a shinin beacon of unprofessionalism, a lighthouse of carelesness if you will. Take Santa’s advice hear and check your list (landing page) twice – your customers will thank u!

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Sure, I know you started to shy away when I said I had some “secrets about myself to tell you”, but they seem like they went over pretty well. So… fourth date?

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