The use of landing pages for offline campaigns

We know what it’s like, you’re doing an advert or a flyer and you put your website address down as a point of reference to drive readers to you site. We talk about why you should NOT point people to your homepage!

The best way to use testimonials on your website

In this video we have a look at some of the best practices that we recommend when it comes to adding testimonials to your website. Testimonials can add huge amount of credibility to your pages and will help conversions no end.

5 top tips for website layout for increased conversions

Some great tips that can be applied to any page where you want people to take action. No rocket science, just plain simple common sense – but it always seems to be the simple things that we all forget to do!

5 creative and ingenius ways to use QR codes

We take a look at QR codes and more importantly five ingenious ways that you can use QR codes within your business and marketing activities to drive more traffic to your website and into your offers.