Home Pages vs Landing Pages: The Epic Showdown

Someone asked me at the coffee shop the other day where he should send his traffic: his home page or a dedicated landing page? This actually hits on a topic that isn’t discussed nearly as much as it should be, his question set some gears turning in my head and became today’s post. First of […]

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Adult Industry?

There’s a phrase I’ll bet you don’t see every day. Once you get past the “Did he really just say that?” stage, though, I think you’ll start to see that the adult industry has a few more merits than less-than-scantily-clad women (assuming you consider that to be a merit to begin with, of course.) The […]

My “Triple Punch Combo” – The 3 Essentials to Crushing it with Landing Pages

Most good things in life come in threes. Baseball outs, blind mice, and even Stooges have proven the “triple threat” to be a potent amount. Great landing pages fall into this category too – there are three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself when making a landing page that’s going to do more than […]

A simple, no-nonsense, beginners guide to Landing Pages

In today’s fast-paced, fine-tuned, “every detail counts” world, it can be easy to lose yourself in all the details and stray away from common sense. Often times when you’re starting out on a new project there’s so much “advice” out there that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the how-to guides and the hundreds […]

Don’t Waste Your Time with PPC without a Landing Page to Match

I often find myself wondering, “Is this worth the money?” But “Is this worth the money?” isn’t really the question I should be asking myself. You see, the same item can be quite valuable or near worthless depending on the situation, or, perhaps more relevantly, how I plan to use it. Would I pay £10 […]

Stupid simple tips for your landing pages

Everyone hates third dates. It’s fact, yes, look it up if you don’t believe me. You see, first dates are neutral – some go well, some don’t, but overall you run about a fifty-fifty chance of enjoying yourself. And obviously second dates are always guaranteed since they’re coming off the momentum of a stellar first […]

3 Killer Real World Call’s to Action

Once in a blue moon, you’ll find an online phenomenon that applies just as well in the physical realm. Today I’m referring to calls to action, the same calls to action that we find on every successful landing page are also out there in the real world. Look around you – see any yet? A […]

Landing Pages – Times Are A Changin’

Once upon a time, it was a simple thing to have a landing page. I remember my grandfather’s old landing page, a sturdy little page crafted from oak and pine boughs with his own two hands. Times were easy then – anyone with good heart and a firm soul could have a successful landing page. […]

Designing Your Calls to Action to Reel in More Customers

Ever since man first grunted at his fellow cave-hunters in order to entice them to join him in pursuit of a mammoth, getting people to do something through the power of suggestion has been a driving force in our world. Nowadays, trying to give folks that gentle push to do what you desire applies to […]

Quick Tips for Successful Landing Page Testing

Besides the fact that have plumbing, humans differ from the rest of the animal kingdom in one fundamental way – our ability to experiment. Well yes, now that you mention it, I suppose it’s also true that we have the unique ability to juggle, but that’s not really as relevant at the moment. Our ability […]